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Cemetery Memorials

There are four main considerations when choosing a family memorial.  Click on the bold title to view more information about each.  The information on this website will help you to gain a general understanding of the many different memorial options available.  Please call us and we will help you to further understand and customize your memorial investment.

Style.  The Style is what determines the overall look of your stone. This can include the shape, height, and width of your memorial. Many cemeteries have restrictions which will predetermine many of your choices.

Color.  The Color determines the material.  Bronze and Marble are occasionally used.

Carving.  The Carving is where the memorial starts to become personalized.  There are a variety of carving types available and the actual carving can be customized at no additional charge.

Lettering.  This is where you choose what you want the memorial to say and what the letters are to look like.  Click on the Bold words in this paragraph or the links on the left to access each of these categories.

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